The lost son.

Luke 14:11-32

The parable of the lost son is one that brings a level of controversy. Especially for those who work so hard to get living right on a daily basis. But I must say in my own life, if I did not have the heavenly father willing to take me back, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I was the lost son/daughter. (I once was lost but now am found!) We all are really anytime we stray away from the presence of God and try to do it our own way in the flesh. We need our father to cover us in his robes of grace, his shoes of peace… and the ring? An undeserved blessing for being a child of God.

We can try to dress in false humility on a daily basis and try to do all the right things, or we can remember we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ and proceed knowing we have every right to tell Satan to get behind us.

I assimilate the party for the lost son to heaven. When Christ covered me and accepted me as I was and still am, he didn’t tell me to just wait until after I die when it gets better… He told me I have the authority to walk in this NOW! (I live heaven on earth, not after!) The first evidence of this was the empty tomb in John 20. Our old self is that empty tomb. We no longer have to live in those ways because we are now alive in Christ. The old self is now seen as an empty shell. The evidence? For us it is the robe, the ring, the shoes. We should be set apart. We are now filled, covered with a new life. Not “better than” but willing, eager, to serve those that Christ puts in front of us each day. Family, co-workers, the drivers beside you on the road to wherever you are going. No longer live in fear, but the faith and assurance that you are covered in the blood of Christ.


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