Why I Love Jesus. Period.

This came to me in my time with God in His word today over the Christians who are disputing over the “why I love Jesus and hate religion” video.

Over 2000 years have both come and gone
Since Jesus has died and eternity won.
His parting words on the cross, and then again on ascension
from one perspective or other, have caused strife and dissesion.
Jesus’ death on the cross was decree over sin,
the blood which was spilled was where our life begins.
He came to fulfill and make a new law,
repent and believe(Mark 1:15), His love covered it all.

He was tempted (mark 1:12&13), he healed (mark 1:29-34;40-45;2:1-12;3:1-6*)he cast out unclean spirits(1:21-28),
all this strife and contention, troubles the Holy Spirit.
See he preached against just following law, or just good deeds,
these alone don’t work, he says to his disciples, “Follow me.”(Mark 1:17)
Worshipers of the Law cannot be saved,
he came for the sinner, the heart that is maimed.

Jesus said it the best: “Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”(Mark 2:27)
As were Theology, religion, and yes, even habits.
In themselves, not bad, a discipline to curve us,
but when argued and amplified these outlets lose their purpose.
False teachers and religions come in all shapes and sizes,
none should seek our attention, and this shouldn’t surprise us.

A bickering church will cause strife and starvation,
His truth won’t be heard, many will miss salvation.
Look unto Jesus, please, love your brother,
“Have salt in yourself, and peace with one another.” (Mark 9:50)

*Jesus healings continued:Mark 5;Mark6:53-56;Mark 7:31-37;8:22-26;9:14-29;10:46-52


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