The sickness the world will never diagnose you with.

Studying Psychology for the last two years has been a welcomed challenge. I have looked forward to growing and working through my own past challenges (some past challenges are present too!) and using what I have learned to help others ultimately as my profession.

The more I study Psychology and Christian Counseling and read the Word of God, the more I realize we are constantly bombarded with messages that we subconsciously accept to be true until they are challenged.

An example: Ask anyone who grew up watching enough television, and they will tell you that the media is a predominant source that tells you who you are and how to live. Keep in mind, these people will say this with their actions, not directly. You might say anyone would tell you that the media is overly influencing each generation, but it is a vicious cycle. The kids that don’t watch TV are influenced by the kids that do watch it many times out of the natural need to feel loved (wanting to be a part of a group) so they quickly adapt to these behaviors that are otherwise unfamiliar to emotionally healthy individuals. Then you’ve got magazines on the racks at the store, billboards, books, and not to mention those that are older that have already been thoroughly influenced by our over-sexed over communicating culture (Communication is key, right? Not in the way it should be. The TMI card should be used more often….)

But what does all this have to do with sickness? Especially one in which would never be noticed in daily interactions with friends, teachers, or even doctors? Unless you are being saturated with Christian influence on a daily basis, you may be unaware of this sickness. Just when you think you’re getting that struggle straight, the stronghold broken, that hurt mended…you sit down and reflect and failure comes creeping back in. It may quickly even make you feel like this is something that will never go away.

Our current medical profession is easily split between natural and medicinal approaches. Having a diagnosis for everything, or simply leaving it alone to stop overanalyzing every emotion and sickness, every twitch. We are living in a nation consumed with a chronic illness whose most obvious side effects are anxiety and fear, but only at the core. It’s a tricky illness that requires self-reflection and evaluation which are not welcome by many unless for self serving purposes. I will be so bold as to say, almost everyone has something they are anxious or fearful about but this is still not the sickness I speak of. I’m talking the soul sickness epidemic.

If you do a brief study of our nation’s history of major events over the last 200 years, you will quickly find that the struggle for human freedoms has slowly sent the soul and spirit of a free nation into a bondage from the war between ourselves and our spirits. Instead of conceding our fleshly wants to the throne of our savior, Jesus Christ, we have legalized, demoralized, and justified the very actions our spirits hate in an effort to comfort the ever festering wound from the question “What is freedom?” In a quest for religious freedom, our nation has gone down a dangerous road of compromise. Instead of having a guiding head, over the decades that head has turned into a babysitter with no direct form of “right” or “wrong” driven by a fear of tolerance and intolerance  (God made a statement about that in Revelation 3:16). Our legal system is thriving from anxiety and fear over what may or may not happen tomorrow (Matt. 6:34). These barely touch on the fears and anxieties that are plaguing our land.

I encourage you to think upon what I have just written. This soul sickness goes much deeper because it has been carried on from generation to generation to generation…. from sin to bondage where now we ultimately fight the battle within us and once we have had our fill we spew it all over everyone else. “From the mouth speaks the overflow of the heart.” (Luke 6:45)

Over my next few blogs we are going to explore the various forms of spiritual bondage in our country. God has been laying my heart with sadness for the pain this generation has been through but hope because He has an amazing future in store. He is shaking the earth with His truth, overturning rocks that have long sat still, and He has a plan for you. “The eyes of the Lord searches all the earth for people who have given themselves completely to him.” (II Chron. 16:9)

If you are reading this…God has called you. He loves you and has plans for you. I know, because I am the least of these (ref. fr. Matt. 25:40) sent to speak the truth and give the hope that has been gifted to me.

Job 9:10

“He does wonders that cannot be understood; he does so many miracles that cannot be counted.”


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