Dear God, I Need You.

Dear God, I need you more today
Than I thought I did
in any way.
Work inside the good and bad
Beside me through the happy/sad.
Dreamt thoughts that I would go and pray,
“Dear God, I need you…”
went away.

Before the heavens heard “amen.”
My heart was crowded by my sin.
See, I never even said that prayer.
I hit my snooze alarm with care.
I slept until I could no more
And tardiness was soon in store
Depression drew me out of bed
That splitting aching in my head.
The constant melancholy feeling
the wish my life could have more meaning
And soon the thoughts come raging in,
Dear God, I need you, once again.

But on the day goes with no warning
And back I wish I’d went to morning
to kneel and bow on holy ground,
Does dreaming make the truth come round?

But dusk still comes as chaos continues
Regrets appear and paint the venues
My failures ring at end of day,
My past still haunts and brings me chains.
The obvious state of who I am,
The persistent decay of every plan.
The bird’s eye view of my disaster,
“Dear God, I need you,” comes in faster.

For no matter the out come of lack I’ve done,
If it seems You’ve lost and evil’s won,
Your grace abounds and covers me
despite the irksome depressive sea.
The words, the action and knowledge; like lacquer,
“Dear God, I need you,” is all You were after.


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