A day without challenge would be quite the day.

Well I suppose it would be grossly cliche to begin my whole journey with a perfect picture. I woke up this morning longing to sleep and melt into my blankets when I hit the final snooze…four to count. The sun crept behind fog and clouds and the creak of my son’s door reminded me of another school day, another list of errands, another wake of anxiety and emotion consumed by the word ‘grace’.
The cries of my daughter bring me to her door first to hear the sudden stop of the cry and the gleeful cheer of ‘mama’. The child who in her own first breath reminded me that I could be the woman, wife, and mom that I peered at behind a veil of fear for years too long and too ashamed to admit. But come diaper change and run down hallway I am consumed by grace again.
No brushed teeth, off to the car. ABS light on again. Anxiety creeps and the burden of adulthood sinks it’s teeth in deeper. Bills, jobs, unemployment. The speed bumps remind me of the constant moves and aches of life. The entrance the anxiety of confrontation; but left turn and up the hill through evergreens-more grace.
Quick kisses and off to school my big boy goes. Sleepy eyes, hungry tummy to be filled by breakfast, I see myself more everyday in that kindergartner. Groceries, returns, errands; all more chance for stress and business to flash before my eyes in array of colors. But amidst the groceries I feel guilty over buying, I see colored daisies. All unnatural of course, but the colors play before my eyes as if God is telling me I am beautiful, even in my rushing.
In the throng of rushing I catch myself peering at the rainbows of color. The flowers are quiet, but their colors speak. They stand there in all their serenity and remind me that in the silence, this is love, this is grace. Not the rushing. The laughter of the children, the footsteps of my nieces, the smiles and hugs and tellings of days; this is grace. This is where I need to be.


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