Empty Blessings

The Seattle coldness is starting to seep into everyday living. It makes me want to stay curled up in my warm blankets drinking coffee all day long listening to my little girl giggle and talk until night falls again and the boys come home.

Needless to say when I take the last few sips of my morning coffee and hear the hollow sound of expectant breathing with no meeting of warm, comfortable coffee goodness… I frequent a sigh. A few weeks ago I realized that sigh was speaking volumes about my life and my perspective. It was more then just a sigh over missed coffee. It was a sigh over missed opportunity.

It’s amazing how quickly the sighing appears when I live in yesterday as if I could change it today. It’s as though shackling and beating myself will convince me that I am free. The thought, the concept… The reality is impossible.

One day I stared into the bottom of my cup. The coffee was gone, but the memory of it still real. The warmth and satisfaction still connecting in my brain. So why, with all this reality… Why is my cup not filled with blessings?

Many times I take in as much as I can to find my cup empty, cold, and haunting. I cannot possibly have a cup filled with blessings if I do not take the opportunity to fill it with the blessing of the present moment. My cup remains empty as long as I remain expectant of the blessings I think I deserve. But when I fill my cup with the moments that surround and embrace me, I begin to see the blessings bloom in abundance and deepen in clarity before my jaded eyes. Dirty socks, bills piling, temper tantrums and all.

The blessing of the present moment could mold me, humble me, overjoy me, instill passion deep in my soul. It could shake the reigns of the life I thought worth living to bring me to the beauty of who Jesus really is. It is the submission to yield to the beauty of my Creator in the passionate embrace of less of me; more of You. Less.

I have a cup filled every moment of every day, and how I choose to name those blessings and fill that cup are completely up to me. The blessings God has already formed and placed in my life are reality. In that moment, I no longer use the present moment to fix the past; I no longer use this moment to build to a future that is thought to be better than… I choose now. And I am exceedingly and abundantly blessed because heaven is already here in the present moment. He is already with me here.