My girl’s prayers and conversation lately are filled with ‘I hope’s’. Anywhere from “I hope my daddy’s hand feels better” to “i sure hope it doesn’t rain today”. She sets her hopes high sometimes, but it sure does not stop her from hoping some more the next morning.

As I listened to her hope prayers at dinner, I realized that’s what it is.

Hope. Where is it?

In the last few weeks in the high hopes and good things covered by the lowest lows and deepest pains; between joyous hugs are heart wrenching pains and spilled over tears. A lot of silence. A lot of reflection. Some loss, some gain… many lessons and reminders.

If anything has come out of this, it’s a longing to be more intentional, more faithful, more hopeful.

Sometimes in growing up and the lessons in life, hope is stripped and we are left with a hard cynical shell of resentment and hatred towards our past. Most of the time completely unrealized by the teachers and role models that raised us, instead of being raised and nurtured to be faithful, hopeful and loving, we were raised to be logical, rigid, and discipline oriented. The ironic part of all of it is it was done so with the hope that we would turn out faithful, hopeful, and loving.

Well that can leave you feeling hopeless. The never ending generational struggles.

But, maybe the hope isn’t found in the sunrise, the upturn, the changing… it’s found in the moments before in the darkness, the sadness, the struggle. That’s where we are desperate. Would I even need Jesus if I wasn’t desperate? Would I even care to call out to him if there wasn’t an urgency for Him to intervene?

I have no idea where you are in this moment. Maybe you’ve been a long time reader of my writings, or maybe this is the first time you’ve looked.
Maybe life is good, or maybe you are almost divorced, broke, and no where close to a happy ending.

The truth is, it doesn’t really matter where you are at in this moment. The Jesus I’ve journeyed with and seen over the last 9 years just says “Come as you are.”

Come broken.
Come angry.
Come humble.
Come lonely.

Come wherever you are, because wherever it is, He is.

There is already hope where you are. Just come as you are.


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