You’re not alone.

As busy as life is, it’s amazing that in the silence the loneliness awakens.

Many times, you think it will be peaceful, reflective, refreshing.

But really, sometimes it’s a slap in the face.

It’s those quiet moments that define you. They start showing you what’s really there. Maybe even what need’s to be worked on that’s pushed off.

But you’re not alone.

Working through the firsts in life never really ceases. We go from exciting firsts for the first decade or two into the firsts that jostle us. Then the next set frightens us to the core. And if you’re like the majority of humans walking this earth, it makes you realize why growing up sucks… and that in all realities your parents saying “it goes by fast, enjoy it before it’s gone” was really their way of painfully recognizing that the days of innocent simplicity were over.

Well now I’m there.

Bills, emotions, grown up issues, suck.

I’m not through the tunnel yet, but it’s been a while since I’ve written, and I cannot help but think someone out there reading this needs to know you’re not alone.

I may not be going through what you are, and yes, your road may be rockier than mine, but you’re not alone.

Our views may be different, someones grass may be a little greener; someone may have a few flowers, but you’re not alone.

Because no matter the view or the circumstance, the perspective of soul pain doesn’t change. The hurt of the growing pains doesn’t cease.

Your heart beats. Your lungs inflate. And so do mine.

You’re not alone.

This may lack a bible verse. It may lack a famous quote. Some profound pearl of insight. But I hope you walk away from my parable knowing, you are not alone.