It was only.

It was only a decade.
It was only a blink.
It was only some choices.
It was only, i think.

It was only a promise.
It was only a vow.
It was only forever.
Forever and now.

It was only a moment.
It was only a cry.
It was one little heart beat,
And my world hit the sky.

It was only the struggle.
It was only a job.
It was only some moving.
It was only a nod.

It was only one moment.
It was only a shrug.
It was only some moments.
It was only some mud.

One more little heart beat.
One more little world.
One more life change forever.
I remembered my word.

It was only some memories.
It was only some smiles.
It was only some hand holds.
But it was your hand in mine.

It was only some trouble.
It was only some pain.
It was only a bottle.
It was a life full of change.

It was only the heart ache.
It was only the cry.
It was only hands reaching.
To heaven to cry.

It was only a paper.
It was only a chance.
A moment of freedom.
A moment to dance.

It was only some moments.
Without some of the chances.
It was only those moments.
And hard mirror glances.

It was only a service.
It was only a church.
It was only an email.
It was only actions rehearsed.

It was only a listen.
To a heart filled with pain.
Did the only’s be broken,
And this heart, full of blame.
A heart, not the same.

It was only some reading.
It was only a prayer.
It was only a life change.
That started right there.

It was only Your whispers.
It was only Your grace.
It was only the same old.
But not the same face.

Suddenly those only’s didn’t seem very small.
And the grace whispered sweetly, that I’d missed it all.
Every ‘it was only’ was everything, moments by like the sands.
The burden so heavy, like blood of the innocent deep on my hands.

But He still stood by me.
His cross bore my shame.
His grace like a flood;
His grace, and the power of His name.

A moment of burden and a breath like the baby birthing,
Like a life drowned by sin, but now marked by dancing.
There’s freedom in here, in this burden of love,
The life I’d been missing now reality, not a burden at all.

It’s true what they say– you’re never the same.
Like flashbacks that moment, for a lifetime He whispered your name.
He stood there waiting, never impeding.
The grace, like waves, like the saints interceding.

It’s like heaven applauded because you were freed,
The grace on the sinner, the sinner–that’s me.
There’s no control needed when hands lifted high.
The knowledge of knowing He heard every cry.

The battle’s not over,
It’s already won.
The honor of patience,
You redeem your son.

Like a bride waiting to join his hand,
Like His chosen waiting for the promised land.
The place of the righteous is being restored,
And all the it only’s to be cherished and adored.