Pile of Rocks.

So we are working on our backyard. There’s a lot to learn in getting the soil ready. You have to get the rocks out, till the soil, and make everything level so you can even plant anything…


I’ve been looking at this pile of rock grow week by week at my back door and thought to myself… this is totally going to have some life significance.


And it did.


In the Old Testament there are references to rocks. There is the obvious, stone that the builder rejected–> cornerstone which is Jesus; but over the last few years I have had many rock piles in my life. This is different than 1 stone.

In the Old Testament, Joshua Chapter 4 to be exact, the Israelites were commanded to take 12 rocks and pile them after they had crossed the sea on dry land. Now they did this (pile rocks, not cross the sea on dry land) many times in the OT to show the Lord had done something great. But in this passage the 12 rocks signified the 12 tribes of Israel. God brought them out of slavery, made them great despite their enemies, and this was all done despite the Israelites thanks and obedience. It always went better when they obeyed. They eventually got to the Promised Land, it just took a lot longer.

So this rock pile I have sitting out back. My husband keeps asking me what I want to do with it. Most folks get rid of it. Clearly if you’ve read my blog, known me for any amount of time…you know I am not most folks. So this pile of rocks is going somewhere out back as a tangible reminder of what God has brought us out of in the 11 years of marriage. This dry land we now stand on is not our own doing but the Lords.

Honestly, years ago it would have been so easy to say, look what I’ve made for myself. Look how far we’ve come. But these rocks keep reminding me…I am nothing without the Lord. Every rock moved affords the opportunity to get closer to tilled soil that you can actually work with…and I’d be terribly foolish to think I moved these rocks in my own life and have become my own masterpiece. Fresh tilled soil just means the Lord can actually start working.

So seriously, Merissa…rocks? What is the point of this blog…

I am also studying 1 Peter. I finally plugged in at my church despite 2 years of not doing it, and we are studying 1 Peter. It’s recommended to read it through once a day. From my being in counseling days, we’d re-read things a lot. It’s like the backyard. It moves rocks, tills the soil…

I got some news today and honestly didn’t know what to do. It did not turn out in any way I had hypothesized, and I was mad. [As always Lord, you have provided a situation to add another rock to my pile of glory or yours…]In this situation I realized I had said some things that if I did not follow through with, would make me look like a hypocrite. Make me look more like the world, not less. The weight of that realization as I read through 1 Peter 2 for like the 100th time was so heavy. A million other things came into view, and really, I could have justified it any which way, gone my own way and swallowed the bad feeling over time with dodging glances and arrogant self justifications… but if my focus was for the glory of God, not myself, and my plans, the rock pile wins.

I have made a habit out of doing what costs me the least pain and suffering. And really, looking at 1 Peter I have had this all wrong. I really need to pick the option that makes the cross less hypocritical, and more real to the world. That might mean picking the option that doesn’t give me more and make me wipe my brow and say “whew! really dodged a bullet that time!”

Why’s Merissa talking about this…honestly, I really don’t like talking about these moments in my life. I fear that it will take away from God’s glory and put some on me. So please hear me, this is more accountability to my faith walk. And I am hoping, maybe you, reader, are struggling with something that is causing you to stumble. For me, the stone that was making me stumble was the accountability to my words to an unbeliever. I have to believe those words, and my being an honorable person to those words, is going to have more movement in the heavens than my checkbook. The rest will be provided for being faithful. [And please don’t leave here thinking this was a horrible life or death situation. It was really a plain, everyday occurrence that I struggled heavily with.]

If you’re stumbling on a decision, read 1 Peter 2:1-12. Ask God to open your eyes to what you’re stumbling on and to have enough strength to be a faithful believer and do what will be honorable to everyone. Believers and non-believers. Because you really never know when your actions are a testimony to someone who doesn’t know Jesus.


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