The Stuff People Want to Know

I am a mom of 3, wife of one from my youth, and one who has been given much grace.

This blog is really me talking out the traffic jam in my brain, but you are more than welcome to take a look and walk with me on this bumpy road.

I live where it rains as much as it’s sunny in Florida and drink coffee like a Floridian would apply sunscreen. I try to live as crunchy as possible. Yes, crunchy.

You won’t find anything about politics here. I leave the politics to God no matter how crazy it really is.

I’m not terribly religious only because I believe it’s more about the relationship. God’s word points my direction, it’s my job to take that up and live it every day.

I am a hypocrite. No matter how many times God brings me around this journey I mess up in big and horrible ways and wind up with egg on my face because I can’t live out what I believe. I’m learning to be ok with that. 

My apologies in advance if I come off “holier than thou” or “indoctrinated”. I grew up religious and decided grace was better at 17. I didn’t start trying to live that grace until 28.

All my postings are inspired by my failures, my weaknesses, and the discoveries I’ve made about God in His word. If it seems chaotic and all over the place, it probably is because I tend to get ahead of myself. The spelling errors are me too, but anything you get from this to help? That’s all glory to God.



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